A Weekend in Paris! Oui j’aime ca!


With so much to see; so many cafes, so much history and so many, many museums, a weekend in Paris can seem overwhelming. So here’s some fantastic ideas to make your trip efficient yet not feel like a tourist to-do list of chores.

Flying in from the West coast of the United States and arriving in Paris in the morning seems amazing as you have the whole day to explore but plan that first evening accordingly; meaning save the ballet for the next night as the romantic music and will lull you to sleep- but YES go to the Ballet or Opera!

Big Bus Tours Because I’ve lived in big touristy towns Los Angeles and Las Vegas, normally I would avoid these bus tours. But this is a GREAT way to see Paris! Buy the one day ”hop on hop off” ticket and you must sit on top (dress accordingly), put on the headphones listen to the commentary and enjoy the whole route. The city is beautiful and they do a great job talking about the history. Allow 2 hours for this tour and do it first thing when you arrive to get your bearings. I bought the 2 day pass to use the next day for transportation to really hop off and on. But for me, took too long to get from place to place. So my recommendation unless you are handicapped is to buy the one day tour, do it first thing – don’t get off, use it to see the city and thereafter get around by subway or taxi. (Subway is the fastest – and you’d rather send the time lollygagging in cute cafes and shops) Buy this pass ahead of time and online to save money! Big Bus Tours


Eiffel Tower Skip-the-Line tickets are a MUST for the Eiffel Tower. You can bypass the really long ticket lines and then the really long elevator lines with the Skip-the-line pass. Another trick for the Eiffel tower is the walk the steps line – a much shorter line and is less expensive, but 674 steps! You’ll walk up to floor 2 and 3, then take the elevator to the summit, where you can buy a glass of champagne – so French! Skip-the-line tickets are sold online; Viator, Get your Guide. Buy ahead of time and online!


2CV Tour The only way to see Paris is in your private 2CV car which is convertible and comes with a bottle of champagne! Our driver Jean Paul was amazing, he loves his job and tailored the route to our desires! I chose the tour of Montmarte (my favorite district) but he actually drove us all over also, seeing the city this way at night is choice! Tours can range from 1 to 4 hours anytime of day and pick up, we went with night time, top down – they provide a blanket and of course a bottle of champaign! I chose 2CV Paris Tours but you can’t go wrong with any 2CV company! Try and do this the first or second night of your stay in Paris and ask your driver about their favorite spots; dinner, shopping etc…


Bike Tour – YES! Everything about biking on vacation in a big city is sexy and fun, fun, fun to me! Book this on day two or first day of you don’t want to book the bus tour! Another awesome way to get your bearings and to ask locals about their favorites spots then this leaves the rest of your vacation to backtrack to your favorites! For an off the beaten path tour I love Bike About Tours  and for Paris Attractions I like Fat Tires Tours


Lourve The only way to do the Lourve Museum is by private guide. A private guide will get you; SKIP THE LINE, and a detailed understanding of the history of the Palace and the art that is inside! From the glass pyramids to the Mona Lisa to the Winged Victory of Samothrace to the The Napoleon III Apartments and to the Da Vinci Code! Our tour was supreme along with our guide and Christina. I swear she has a 3rd eye – I think you need that to appreciate art! Her past clients have been Madonna and Micheal Jackson (how did we get so lucky) ; Get Your Guide Tours


Cabaret made famous in Paris! Living in Las Vegas, I had no need to see the expensive tourist trap of Moulin Rouge, if this wasn’t something I had access to in my own backyard – then yes I would have totally gone, it’s worth a visit either way, to at least take a picture outside and it sits in the cute neighborhood of Pigalle! I love, love the neighborhood just above called Montmartre you can get lost in the cute artists streets of shops and cafes. There is a charming cabaret there: Au Lapin Agile For a fancier version of the two head to the Lido De Paris on the famous and fabulous street of The Champs-Elysées.


Culture: See Anything that is playing at either the Palais Garnier or the Opéra Bastille during your stay! The Palais Garnier is the most beautiful.

Fun neighborhoods to get lost in: Le Marais, Montmartre, Latin Quarter

Must sees:   Sainte-Chapelle, Notre-Dame,  Sacré-Cœur, Arc de Triomphe and Catacombs de Paris which is the most famous of the seven Catacombs in the world.

STAY: We stayed at the most amazing apartment next to The Eiffel Tower! I chose a home rental over a hotel this way I was  guaranteed the view I wanted and not paying for services that I wasn’t using  Paris Perfect has the creme de la crop of apartments in the best districts in Paris! Plus they offer a full 24/7 conceirge service, meet you at your apartment and set you up with maps of the area and can make reservations and book tours for you as well!


FLIGHTS: Find flight deals: I found the cheapest flights on asap tickets for this long flight I went with the 787 dreamliner  as it has an electric engine which means less jet lag, cleaner breathing air and a faster flight!


Au revoir, xoxo Angelique