To me, the best way to raise healthy, happy teens is to share and teach how to be; wise, conscious, caring, giving and loving of other cultures, nature and traditions. Which all equal travel and philanthropy!

I have two older daughters and their best memories are these well planned and thought out camps that they attended! They traveled the parts of world, and all with purpose; whether that was for education or volunteer hours!

Here are my favorites:

Resident SeaWorld Camp! They have a full week sleepover where your kids are the trainers and learn the proper care for the animals this is for grades 6-12. Then there are day camps preschool – 8th grade! They also have scholarships -the Environmental Scholarship Program for students who share our passion for protecting and preserving the world we share. These are all offered at SeaWorld San Diego and  SeaWorld San Antonio and SeaWorld Orlando

National Geographic Summer Camp! I loved National Geographic Summer Teen Expeditions  not only is this an upscale, professional company – there is plenty of specialists on each expedition and they highlight each city in the destination you choose to make sure that part of the world is checked off appropriately, plus with a company like National Geographic – they have a reputation to uphold – so you know this camp will deliver! 

Phylanthrophy For some serious philanthropy where your teens will make lifelong friends by bonding with building, trailblazing and helping others in need; these camps are the best I’ve found: Global Works and Rustic Pathways  and Surfing the Nations and I love this one because we can go as a family if we choose to or our teen can go alone: Cross Cultural Solutions

Study Abroad One thing I’ve learned about College and study abroad programs is that you still need to pay for your home college tuition to hold your place while your student is abroad?! So with that said, have your student go for a summer semester  and they still get their credits transferred to their home college! For this I’ve had great luck and we loved our experience with – Global Semesters!


It’s so important that our kids humble up and see how great the world is and that the appreciate what they have aka freedom, food, car, clothes… also that there is more to life then boys and relationships and dumb girl drama – during middle school highs school and college…..

We teach our kids young to be Destination Angels!