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Most amazing hiking adventure!

A road trip to ZION is a road trip to all things good in the world. This place will make you fall in Love all over again and leave you feeling you can go back to life and keep your cup 1./2 full. 

Best hikes:

The Narrows, ~rent gear; dry pants, neoprene socks, their shoes and a walking stick! I normally would be one to save and go without, but you can’t on this one. I  love this one for kids, pack a lunch and drink lots of water! Plan on a 6-8 hour day.

Angels Landing ~ The wary be warned- this is one is not for those afraid of heights! However, a great Glute workout 2.5 miles of some serious switchbacks. Once you get to the last .05 mile stretch it’s one chain to hold on to with two way traffic and single file only with a 5,785 feet Summit and a 1,208 feet drop. I cannot watch, nor let my 13 year old hike this – and I love her to see the world – but this one she’ll have to wait on.

Observation Look Out ~ This is a gorgeous 9 mile hike, great for those that do not want to scale Angels Landing with the best stunning views that the beauty of ZION has to offer.

Emerald Pools ~ This is a beautiful great way to spend the day in Zion- well paved, wheel chair accessible. With waterfalls, pools and a dazzling display of the earth rocks create the Emerald Pools Trail System. Lower Pool: .6 miles one-way. 30 minutes. 69′ ascent. Middle Pools: 1 mile one-way. 1 hour. 150′ ascent. Upper Pool: 1.5 miles one-way. 1.5 hour. 350′ ascent.

For Romance Stay: or

For Families Stay (It’s been remolded – great pool and wonderful breakfast included)