Family Fun, Romantic Get-a-Ways, Solo Travel…. Whatever way you get to go… Just go!  

A Dude Ranch is the best kept secret to Travel and once you go once – you’ll BRAND IT as an annual to do. Don’t bother bringing your cell phone charger – becuase in no time at all you’ll disconnect and all that will matter is if you wore the right underwear and what adventure will lie ahead on the next trail – maybe a imaginary game of Cops & Robbers or Cowboys & Indians! Because at the Best Dude Ranch no ride is ever the same and every meal is memorable.

No mater if it’s your first ride or if your a seasoned wrangler; the right Dude Ranch, it’s surroundings, it’s staff, it’s horses and of course their chef makes for the best, most amazing vacation!  I love going to the Dude Ranch each year! My family and I have been going for years and we truly look forward to it. Maybe it’s the fact that no on cares what you do, who you are, what you wear or what type of car that you drive back in the big city.

At a Dude Ranch everyone simply shares the thrills of the horse that they just got off of or the meal that they just scarfed down.

So when you are looking for The Right Dude Ranch for you & yours; here are my tips…

  • Is it all-inclusive (singles rides add up – you’ll want at least 3 rides a day –  what about meals & activities) 
  • How is the Kids Club (ages? hours? variety of schedules? activities? do they get the same horse the whole stay? – is it included in fee? Is there a pool?)
  • The Food – this is a important one – with all that riding you’ll be starving and want to eat a horse! Plus, vacation is ALL ABOUT THE FOOD! 
  • Location – Trails and Land – Is the ranch vast? Unlimited trails; enough nature to detox and live out your inner cowboy? 
  • SPAhhhh – do they offer it, if so – schedule for mid trip or at least the last day! Do they have a hot tub for nightly ahhs – you’re tush will thank you!


I love TANQUE VERDE in Tuscan

I love that it is all-inclusive, that my kids never want to leave, that they get their own horse, to groom, bathe, ride and compete with. I love that we dominate the tennis scrimmages each time, I love the team penning and the clown rodeo that we compete in, the breakfast rides, the moonlit BBQs with live music, the Dog House Saloon, the fast lope rides, the lazy sunset ride, the unlimited rides! I love the dirt bike adventure, the yoga, tai chi, the ranch dogs and the over 200 stallions and the fact that the wranglers know each horses by name. I love that this is the place that over 75% of their business is repeat with guests coming for over 30 years, I love that the rooms are bungalows and that their is just one big screen TV in the main living hall – and that guests sit on the sofa right next to each other like we are all long time buddies, catch up on the game for a bit then move on to another adventure.

I love that Tanque Verde gave me a family tradition and the best pictures everytime!


Another AMAZING Dude Ranch is PAWS UP in Montana … LUXURY!!!

I can’t decide whether this one is best in the winter with your very own personal Santa Clause or maybe it’s the dog sledding or the nightly camp fires or the snowmobiling or the magistic views while cross country skiing and taking it all in.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             But then the Summer oooh; hot air balloon rides, archery and where else can you get these views while you try fly fishing, or go for some fun geo tracking! But of course the horses and the trails are out of this world! Paws Up is a Luxury Resort with the food, the chefs, the staff all on point and the five star accommodations and the location all being top notch.

This is a must do bucket list. Amazing for families, honeymoons, weddings, couples, solos, groups, team building – just amazing. Oh and of course they have tent sleeping – LUXURY tent sleeping… que the flowing stream and enter the deer!


No matter how you choose to Dude Ranch – please do Dude Ranch!

For Dude Ranches closer to you or accommodations best suited for you – please check out…. and

 Select a few and have them mail you brochures and get on their mailing list for specials!


The Destination Angels give Dude Ranches all them Wings UP! Ye haw!!!