The Imperial Health Spa

It’s off the beaten path… But The Koreans know how to do it.

And for many reasons, perhaps it’s their most amazing ginger tea that I’ve ever had, it’s out of this world. Or is it their Red Clay Rooms where you quietly meditate in a warm red clay room or how about immersing yourself into a bead ball dry bath of energy lifting earths clay balls. Which is said to increase metabolism and delay the aging process. Perhaps it’s their Jade Room which radiates infrared rays helping discharge internal toxins, neutralizes blood to be more alkaline, and activate your body rhythm. Jade increases brain activity, enhancing the nervous system, and prevent/treat osteoporosis.

Wait there is more – resort style jacuzzi tubs, a full restaurant, a gym and an unlimited menu of facials ….

BUT, The Reason Why I keep Coming Back for MORE… is their BODY SCRUBS!  

The Korean Spas are KNOWN for their body scrubbing ability. No other spa will TRULY leave your skin feeling like a baby’s bottom quite like a Korean Spa, and in Las Vegas… the Spas are top notch and The Imperial Health Spa can defiantly hang with the big guys thanks to their loyal word of mouth (it’s Las Vegas’ best kept secret) – and this spa is right up there thanks to a scrub that is no other!  It may take a while to get use to – no pain gain and if your shy, go alone first – then bring your girlfriends and lovers and enjoy! 

Two Wings Up from The Destination Angels xo