So it’s been on all of our bucket lists; rafting the mighty Rivers of America – the calm water and the white water, but to navigate, set up camp, stay fed, stay safe, all while learning about the history along the way then to raft off only leaving a footprint to keep the natural beauties of the River bank clean and untouched  just on our own is another story all together.

We need to call in the professionals; the guides, the chefs, the naturalists, the experts, the pros. So I’ve researched, read, and personally tested this awesome bucket list, adventure. Whether you are rafting as a family, as newlyweds, with groups of friends or celebrating your 50th wedding anniversary the BEST company for River Adventures is WESTERN RIVER EXPEDITIONS

Here you’ll find trips for The Colorado River, The Green River, The Salmon River, The Snake River and The Rogue River. From day trips to week long trips, white water to calm water, you’ll enjoy hikes with overlooking incredible views, waterfalls, you’ll swim the river and in natural pools, you’ll get to paddle if you choose and sit back and get motored down. In other words with Western River Expeditions your River Trip is costumed to your physical needs and trip desires!

I chose The 4 Day Cataract Canyon Adventure for myself and my 14 year old daughter with MUCH help and many thanks to Sandy Harmer in Custom Service. I wanted a trip for myself and my daughter to bond, enjoy exciting adventure, camp safely, raft with experts and make new friends – basically I wanted a “glamping” trip with all of the comports of home but the adventures of the outdoors and the thrills of the white water!

Our trip started at Moab Adventure Center and thanks again to Sandy we started our adventure the night before with The Sunset Hummer Ride – 5 stars A+ Loved it – completely recommend it!

A morning meet up, lock up cars if you have them, short bus ride to launch site, meet your guides and new friends for the trip, then onto the rafts! A fun filled  motor cruise down the river with games, stories, and river and canyon facts. Get to our first camp site – a beautiful sandy river bank! Here we set up tents, cots and sleeping bags (all provided by Western River Adventures) while our guides set up camp and make our food! Breakfast, snacks, Lunch, snacks and Dinner all provided and all amazing whether you are Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Vegetarian or you eat it all! Games are set up by our guides and they play along – here lots of bonding and laughing! Everything from waters slides, to ball games, to beach games, to musical jams sessions then off to sleep under the stars and do it all again the next day, some mornings are started with a sunrise hike if you are interested! When the whitewater comes you are your loved ones are in great hands with very skilled, athletic river guides, they won’t let anything happen to you – the fun never stops! Then at the end of your trip a warm, loving, sad goodbye with a shiny, Cessna airplane awaiting to fly you back to where your adventurer first began!

Some trips comes with helicopter rides and dude ranches check out their fantastic website or call their customer service (866) 904-1160 for a tailor made trip for you!

Sandy told me that my next trip for my full family of four needs to be the very popular 6 Day Grand Canyon River Trip 

Trips Book up a year in advance! – BTW, I saw many of the competitors that I compared before hand on the river and all I have to say is Thank God that I booked with Western; from gear, to guides, to boats to meals..

The Destination Angels give this trip ALL WINGS UP!