Just the name Zion is enough to peak global interest.

Even Bob Marley sang of the magical, spiritual meaning of Zion; A place or religious community regarded as sacredly devoted to God. An idealized, harmonious community; utopia.

Located in lower Utah is the magical destination of Zion National Park. Hikers, bikers, climbers and tourists of all ages from all over the world flock to this natural wonder of outdoor adventure!

And here’s how you do it:


  • Start off with renting either ATVs, Razors or some Dirt Bikes and opt for the “tour”  Clayton will hook you up over at                      Southern Utah Adventure Center the sand in Hurricane, Utah is bright orange as if you are on planet Mars and is also home of The Red Bull Rampage events with just a short drive to Zion National Park! 
  • Hot Air Ballooning over the magnificent terrain of Southern Utah is always the best and most exciting and exotic way to truly understand the beauty of this natural wonder. With either direction whether it be through Bryce Canyon or St. George                    Utah Outventures  has the Hot Air Balloon adventure covering either angle of Zion National Park!


  • My favorite hikes are The Emerald Pools  Angels Landing and The Narrows  These hikes have something for everyone. But for a full review and what to expect as far as safety and difficulty is concerned read this As there are an abundance of trails that vary in difficulty levels as well as scenic views.


  • Funny, normally I’m fancy or exotic or boutique-y, but I LOVE the La Quinta (Springdale) I love that it’s newly refurbished, very clean, has a fun pool, free wifi and FREE Breakfast with just minutes from Zion’s park entrance.
  • Of course staying inside Zion National Park is amazing at The Zion Lodge it’s romantic and also great for kids – not too much schlepping – but then you’ll miss out on the wonderful restaurants and energy outside of the park in the city of Springdale/Zion!


  • My favorites are: Oscar’s Cafe, Zion Pizza and Noodles, The Flying Monkey and for fun live music and events check out Zion Canyon Brewing Company The best place to pack sandwiches for your hikes is at Cafe Soleil; they open early! There is also a great market: Sol Foods Market -kinda like Whole Foods but with more soul ;) lol get it… Sol Foods


  • Hiking The Narrows you’ll be fine in warm weather with your own shoes and no socks and you’ll also find plenty of walking sticks around the park to help keep your balance while hiking through the Virgin River in The Narrows. No need to rent in the Summer – just bring an old pair of tennis shoes or toe covered traction sandals. Plus, you wont need to back track to return the rentals! If you visit in the cold season – rent the dry pants at Zion Adventure  Company the night before you plan on hiking through The Narrows to beat the crowds! Angels Landing is steep, high and difficult; you’ll need good traction hiking boots or tennis shoes and you do not need to climb all the way to the top to enjoy or feel the thrill- just going 95% of the way up is rewarding – at least touch the chains if you don’t want to finish!

Hiking in Zion National Park could possibly be one of the most rewarding things you will ever experience and it will defiantly start a whole new world of falling in love with nature and your ability to walk, hike and even climb! Zion has an awesome shuttle service that makes this park so enjoyable and accessible – you can also drive your own car along the 6 mile Zion Canyon Scenic Drive. Here’s some info on the shuttle!

Zion park fee is $30 per car for a 7 day pass – free parking inside the park.

Go Explore

The Destination Angels give Zion National Park two wings up! 

xo Angelique